Dried mushrooms are a staple ingredient for many recipes, from soups and stews to lasagna and rice dishes. They can also be used in homemade meat rubs, dips, and pizza toppings. However, when stored at room temperature, dried mushrooms lose their flavor, so you’ll want to cook with them immediately. Dried mushrooms can also be challenging to find in your local supermarket, so buying bulk online may be more convenient. But whether you’re buying them online or fresh, buying them whole or in chunks, you’ll want to grind them as needed.

When ground, dried mushrooms lose their flavor, so grinding them is the best way to preserve their taste. Grinding dried mushrooms requires a special grinder, but with the right grinder, you can grind up to a pound of mushrooms at a time and save the trimmings for recipes.

Things to consider before you buy a grinder for dried mushrooms

– Type of grinder: A burr grinder provides better flavor release and a more consistent grind.
– Grinding mechanism: Double-walled grinders keep the beans or spices cool, while single-walled models generate heat, which can degrade the flavor.
– Settings: You can choose from a range of grinds, from coarse to fine, depending on your recipe.
– Storage: Most grinders have a separate compartment for storing the grinding mechanism, so it doesn’t come into contact with the beans or spices.
– Price: We preferred grinders that were priced below $50. Any more than $75 and the price-to-features ratio starts to skew in the wrong direction.

Not all mushroom powders are alike. They have different consistencies and ingredients, so it’s essential to choose the right mushroom powder grinder for the particular product you’re grinding.
* How it’s Made. Most mushroom powders are ground using an automatic grinder, but some may be ground manually. Manual mushroom powders tend to produce a more delicate texture.
* Nut Allergy. People with nut allergies should check the ingredients list for tree nuts.
* Nutrition Facts. Mushroom powders are a good source of protein, and since they contain many antioxidants, they also support the immune system.

Our GetAmyCakes Lab uses grinders to chop and grind ingredients, so we’ve tested many grinders over the years. When testing grinders, our fiber experts evaluate strength, speed, durability, and ease of use, while our consumer testers use their grinders for cooking and rating them for ease of use. Here are the best spice grinders for dried mushrooms to buy in 2022:

CGOLDENWALL 300g Electric Grain Mill Grinder For Dried Mushrooms

The CGOLDENWALL Electric Grain Mill Grinder gets our highest recommendation regarding the grind. We tested it with various dried mushrooms, producing a fine grind in each of these categories. The grinder comes with a one-year warranty, and customer service is available. The CGOLDENWALL Electric Grain Mill Grinder is solidly built, with a metal housing, a stainless steel blade, and rubber feet that can place the machine on counters, tables, or kitchen countertops. The lid is secured with an easy-pull lever. There are two induction switches under the buckles, which make the machine get started only when the lid is closed completely.

Secura Electric Dried Mushrooms Grinder with 2 Stainless Steel Blades

The Secura Coffee Grinder is a no-nonsense device that does what it advertises. It grinds dried mushrooms with sturdy stainless steel blades that are sharp enough to get the job done quickly but won’t slice you up in the process. It has two removable bowls, one grinder bowl that can fit about 12 tablespoons of coffee beans and a chopper bowl that can fit about two tablespoons of spice. The grinder comes with a coffee scoop that doubles as a handle to hang your grinder when not in use. The grinder has no bells and whistles, but it gets the job done and is well-built enough to withstand a lot of abuse.

Moongiantgo Electric Grain Mill Grinder

This electric grain mill grinder does the job. It grinds 150g of dried mushrooms into 50-300 mesh powder in about 30 seconds. The grinding process is smooth, and the grinding jar is easy to clean. I advise using coarse grains if you want to use them as a coffee grinder. It takes 2 minutes to pulverize 200g of coffee beans into a coarse powder. The surface of the grinder is smooth, so there are no burrs left. It’s quiet when working, and it’s easy to carry because of its small size, 2.1 pounds. The 150g capacity is small, so if you’re grinding larger quantities, I suggest choosing a mill with a bigger capacity.

COSORI Wet and Dry Grinder for dried mushrooms

This grinder is fast and efficient. The motor is powerful, the blades are sharp, and they work just as advertised. The grinding chamber is large, and the grinder quietly grinds the dried mushrooms and stays cool to the touch. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. The grinder comes with a lid, which closes off the top of the grinder, keeping the coffee from getting everywhere. The lid also has a lock, which helps prevent accidental grinding. The grinder’s material is high quality, and the motor is built to last. However, the grinder isn’t as loud as others we tested, so you won’t have to worry if your roommate or neighbor is sleeping. This grinder is an excellent value for its price.

SHARDOR Grinder for Dried Mushrooms

The SHARDOR Dried Mushrooms Grinder provides an all-in-one solution for grinding dried mushrooms. It gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and it does it at a very reasonable price. The grinding cups are made of stainless steel, which gives them a high-end look. The cups are also a breeze to clean and dishwasher safe, making them extra convenient. The fine-sieve grinding cup is infinitely adjustable, so you can grind your dried mushrooms as fine or coarse as you like. It only takes 15 seconds to go from coarse to fine, so you have the consistency you want every time. The motor is powerful enough to grind through tricky mushrooms and keeps the blades sharp. The cups come apart so that you can easily clean them. The grinder is compact, so you can put it away after you’re done grinding, and it weighs less than a pound. It’s also USB-rechargeable, so you don’t need to lug around a power cord. The SHARDOR Dried Mushrooms Grinder also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, a 2-year warranty, and friendly customer service.

FAQ about dried mushrooms and health benefits answered by our experts

Are there any risks associated with using dried mushrooms?

Dried mushrooms are easy to use and have long been used for cooking and seasoning. There is a risk of contamination, however, if you use dried mushrooms in large quantities. They may not meet professional standards. They may be damp, which could affect their safety. Also, chemicals may preserve dried mushrooms, which can affect their flavor. In cooking, dried mushrooms should be soaked before using.

What are the health benefits of dried mushrooms?

Dried mushrooms have great nutritional value, especially their ability to help fight inflammation and keep our immune systems functioning. They’re also a good source of selenium, which plays a vital role in immune function, is an antioxidant essential for skin health, and for helping in the production of thyroid hormones. They are a crucial ingredient in many Asian soups and sauces. And because of their flavor, dried mushrooms are also great in soups, stews, and other foods. They are an excellent source of umami, making dried mushrooms a good substitute for meat in dishes and meals.

Are dried mushrooms high in nutritional value?

Mushrooms contain many essential nutrients, such as protein, calcium, and riboflavin. They also provide other helpful nutrients because they help the body deal more efficiently with things that it does take in, such as fats and carbohydrates. The concentration of nutrients, however, varies widely between kinds of mushrooms. Furthermore, the nutritional composition of mushrooms varies according to where you buy them. Generally, dried mushrooms contain more nutrients than fresh mushrooms, and certain varieties are more nutrient-dense than others.

Are dried mushrooms high in nutritional value?

Dried mushrooms can provide a significant amount of nutrition — just out of the package, and they contain more nutrition than a serving of cooked mushrooms. But dried mushrooms don’t bring the same health benefits as fresh ones. For example, dried mushrooms contain more fiber and vitamin B3, but the vitamin content in fresh mushrooms is much higher. Fresh mushrooms contain more protein, vitamin D, potassium, and folate.

Do dried mushrooms contain calories?

Yes, they do. Dried mushrooms contain about 60 calories per 1/2 cup of dried product. Generally, dried mushrooms have a more refined flavor than fresh mushrooms, but you can use fresh mushrooms to prepare many of the same dishes.


Various ways to grind dried mushrooms, but an essential mortar and pestle will get the job done. And if you have a food processor or a blender, grinding your dried mushrooms is quick and easy. When you grind your dried mushrooms, you’ll be left with a powdery substance that you can use in recipes immediately. So, next time you need dried mushrooms, remember to grind them as needed. I hope this quick guide has been helpful for the next time you want to cook up a batch of mushrooms!