Everyone knows that eating a healthy morning is essential, but you also know that your wedding will be one of the most special days of your life. Therefore, it goes without saying that your bridal breakfast should be an important meal that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Most people when considering weddings and food think immediately of the reception; what serves ordinary? How many main course options are there? We mustn’t forget about the beautiful wedding cake! The food that you serve at your reception is important-don’t forget though about the food you’re going to have eaten beforehand for the wedding. As part of your wedding day protocol, the bride’s side should eat more frequently than usual before the ceremony. Stay nourished and hydrated so that you can fully participate in the wedding eve and ceremonial events!

Planning the perfect bridal breakfast

Consider when planning your wedding brunch what kind of time crunch you’ll be working under, and whether or not others might be flutter about during the day achieving various tasks. During all the chaos of planning your ceremony and preparing for your reception, make sure you have food that is easy to prepare and clean, yet free of dishes most people can’t resist.

Choose light, mess-free options

Food items which are ready to eat and can be consumed easily free from any hassle are ideal for a bride’s breakfast. A small, lightweight breakfast allows everybody enough time to get together and feel comfortable without appearing overly full or lethargic. Having grab ‘n’ goes styles also makes it easy for people to quickly offer themselves a re-invigorating snack when they have a minute or two of downtime before getting back on track with their wedding duties.

Offer a variety of choices

The bride’s party will most probably have diverse preference styles and possible dietary requirements. If for no other reason, variety is the seasoning of life. Providing different flavors and nutritional options to satisfy your family and friends means that everybody can participate and enjoy the meal!

What foods make the best morning menu?

Some food is ideally suited for a wedding breakfast you want something delicious, filling, and appealing to a diverse range of people’s taste buds.

Breakfast sandwiches

Brunch sandwiches are wonderful for a delicious sit-down dinner before the wedding coordinator takes over. Your bride’s party may select one or more sandwiches of their choice beforehand, or you can offer a wide range of sandwich options and simply allow them to pick something nice that day. Artisanal bread, such as sourdough, whole wheat, or croissant, with a wide range of protein options or avocado options, will make most people happy to try it out. A whole grain-and protein combo is great for maintaining your energy level all through the day.


Bridal Muffins

Muffins are delicious, and they are great options for a wedding brunch because there are so many diverse possibilities. You can easily offer a seasonal fruit muffin or two, a lemon poppy seed, and a veggie option. Muffins are either miniature or full-sized; they make perfect food to accompany a meal, as a light breakfast or as a snack all through the day.


What is not to like about a fresh, fluffy croissant? A homemade, freshly baked, chocolate-croissant adds a little bit of decadence and a lot of deliciousness to your diet! Croissants are also an excellent option for fast food or a light snack during your shoot.


Always a great choice for breakfast or brunch, scones are perfect to serve alongside morning tea. Choose a chocolate chip scone for those with a little sweet tooth and a seasonal fruit scone for a refreshing breakfast.

Cinnamon rollsCinnamon rolls

Cinnamon Rolls are a delightful treat if not quite so good if they’re stuck to your face. Like eating desserts for breakfast, it’s wonderful and everyone loves that!


Do not fear mixing and matching and offering lots of options for you can choose from Breakfast Sandwiches as the Main Course, with a complete array of Baked Goods and Pastries serving as Snacks and Pick Me Ups through the Day. Even if you configure it as a breakfast bar, the more options you have, the more probable it is that everyone will find something tasty to eat. Your wedding breakfast is only one part of your special day, but make it delicious and unforgettable by contacting us about their coffee and tea choices and asking them which foods would go well with your bride’s breakfasts!