Even an experienced cooker, having a list of his own author’s recipes, will not deny himself the pleasure of having an automatic assistant and choose a Slow Cookers with the maximum number of functions. What can the best Slow Cookers of 2022, and what characteristics are considered in demand? We offer to compare the top 10 models, which received feedback from experts and buyers.

10. Xiaomi Qcooker Multipurpose Electric Cooker

The ranking of the best models in 2021 is opened by the Chinese brand Xiaomi, which offers cooking dishes with slow cooker functions. The set includes a non-stick electric tile and electronic control display, two 2 and 0.4L aluminum pans, a frying pan, and a measuring cup with a plastic spike on the bottom to break eggs. In this case, the tile performs heating, delayed start, timer, heat preservation, and temperature adjustment. Its power is designed for 680 watts.

Important! A pleasant bonus of the non-standard kit will be heating control remotely through the Xiaomi application, which works after installation on a smartphone.


– an unusual set of dishes, which can be used with tiles individually or in a pair (pots become on top of each other);
– remote control;
– heat control by temperature and time.


– falls under the category of “Slow Cookers” conditionally, since the method of cooking is traditional;
– The quality of the protective coating is not the highest.

9. VES electric SK-A12F

Quite cheap slow cooker weighing 3.8 kg and an electronic control display for 11 programs. It boasts a useful 3D heating function on the lid, which will protect baking from condensation and provide a golden crust. The case is made of metal with plastic and is offered in two colors: light and dark gray. The bowl is treated with coal coating and requires careful handling, as it is easily scratched. The delayed start time is 16 hours. Working 12-hour heating. The device shows a good power of 700 W, provided for smooth heating of a five-liter tank. The configuration provides 11 ready-made programs and a function of self-adjusting settings, with a reflection on the electronic display.

– low cost;
– coal coating of the inner part;
– a large number of ready-made programs.

– when cooking, silicone blades will have to be used so as not to scratch the protective layer;
– the bowl has no handles;
– a small-time postponing the start of cooking.

8. Lumme LU-1453

The most simple device for 5 liters with a very decent power of 860 W is attractive. The electronic display offers 11 preset modes, Multicook function, and delayed start within a day. The package is very concise and includes only the main container and a steamer (for steaming). Slow Cooker offers basic modes of cooking: frying, baking, stewing, steaming, porridge, yogurt, pasteurization. Separately, the possibility of independent work through the Multicook setup is displayed.

Important! The main problem, according to buyers, is the thin walls of a metal bowl with a Teflon coating. With self-cooking, food can burn.

– attractive design;
– universal volume for 5 liters;
– good power;
– timer up to 24 hours.

– thin walls at the bowl without handles, food can burn;
– in the kit, there are no accessories, including plastic spoons;
– baking without a ruddy crust;
– the outstanding print on the control buttons requires habit.

7. Polaris PMC 0489IH

The model chosen for the seventh position of the top slow cookers is built on the principle of induction heating of a six-layer bowl with Teflon coating. At the same time, a capacity of 2.5 mm thick has a more spherical shape than traditional tableware. This helps to completely warm the walls and get the effect of a languid Russian furnace.

The accessories set is small: a spoon, a measuring cup, and a container for steam dishes. But the model’s appeal is magnified by an excellent recipe book (200 tips), attractive design, and a friendly e-control menu. The steam separator and inner cover are easily removed for cleaning.

Important! This slow cooker Polaris loved independent reviews. The chip was the sous-vide mode, which allows you to maximize the preservation of all-natural qualities of the product in a vacuum.

– strong container with thick walls;
– induction heating mode;
– Intelligent management;
– a lot of ready-made programs;
– nice design.

– the recipe book is not fully adapted for the device;
– display control is not entirely clear.


This “kitchen pot” is made on the principle of “nothing superfluous.” Lovers of understandable solutions will certainly appreciate it, and this fact has become crucial for the inclusion of an electronic cook in the ranking of the best of 2020. The buttons on the electronic display give a tactile power-on effect. The location of 10 commonly used programs is made around the perimeter of the display. A standard Multicook is provided with adjustment of time or temperature of heating. Delayed start and heating are designed for a maximum of 24 hours.

The steel body is tightly covered with a plastic cover with a removable valve to exit steam. Inside, a container with a Teflon coating is placed. Heating occurs with a power of 860 watts. With the bundling, it’s still more simple: a rice spoon plus a measuring glass. For people who don’t really like cooking, Mansfeld can become their best friend in the kitchen.

– simple control;
– removable steam valve;
– universal bowl volume of 5 liters;
– low price.

– a standard number of functions.


In the middle of the top is the best slow cooker for “complex dinners” because it includes 2 separately installed bowls of 2.4 liters at once. And if the family prefers healthy food, then in the container, you can install nets for steaming and get four dishes at once. For the hostess of a large family, where everyone loves something of his own, cooking at the same time different dishes at a capacity of 1000 watts will be a great help.

The device is made in the best traditions of Redmond. Non-stick coating Daikin does not allow dishes to burn; 16 preset programs control the correctness of the process. The master chef function allows you to change the setting without interrupting cooking.

The list of possibilities is impressive since it begins with the simple cooking of porridge and ends with the preparation of mulled wine and simmering in a vacuum at a small temperature.

The touchpad reacts to light touches and, if necessary, is quickly cleaned. It is also easy to remove the steam valve and inner cover.

– the possibility of simultaneous preparation of up to four dishes;
– a large selection of automatic programs;
– change the settings without interrupting the process;
– easy cleaning;
– the most functional model in the category “up to 3 liters”.

– not the lowest cost;
– can be difficult to manage inexperienced users.


The classic induction kitchen machine reached the fourth position of the best slow cookers. This is the most powerful model at 1300 watts weighs 6.8 kg. Induction heating ensures uniform preparation in any mode, including the oven effect. The touch display is equipped with a bright backlight. Menu functions with automatic cooking methods in 17 versions are brought to the center. Around are auxiliary control buttons. Auto-heating and timer work up to 24 hours. The bowl is protected with a non-stick coating, designed for 4 liters.

If you want to choose a slow cooker, Endeavor, it is worth considering its dimensions (length and width more than 30 cm). The body is made of glossy plastic. There’s a recipe book, a measuring glass, and a spoon.

– bright display;
– induction uniform heating.

– there is no caterer;
– there is no mesh for steaming;
– large weight;
– bowl without handles.

3. TefalRK901F32

Kitchen machine, which occupies the honorable third place in the ranking of the slow cooker. Tefal added a strategic detail for stirring the dish during its preparation, which attracted many buyers. The metal blade is attached to the lid and, once the procedure is complete, provides the perfect stew in which the ingredients are completely soaked with juices. An additional nozzle is attached to start the self-cleaning function. The display resembles a “flight control panel,” as Multicook’s programming forces a sufficient number of steps to be taken. The power of the unit is at 750 W, and the capacity is designed for 5 liters. The drop tank and inner cover are removable, cleaned in the dishwasher. The recipe book is divided into Tefal’s signature style by colors.

– stirring function;
– automatic cleaning;
– a wide selection of programs;
– easy cleaning;
– delayed launch, timer, multi cook.

– low power level;
– the cost is above the average level;
– the bowl has no pens.

2. Kitfort KT-2021

Despite the huge built-in tank at 8.6 liters, this specific model weighs only 3kg. She was placed in the 2021 slow cooker rating because of the ever-increasing interest in healthy eating. This machine is designed for only one function — to prepare products in Sous-Vide mode. That is why the inner container is not removed from the case, since with proper operation, all products are in vacuum packaging. After cooking, it is enough to drain the water and leave the appliance open for drying. Complete with an unusual slow cooker, a stand is sold, externally similar to traditional dryers for dishes and forceps for extracting welded products.

Important! A feature is a cord firmly fixed to the body from the power grid. This creates an inconvenience when washing the slow cooker.

The removable top cover is equipped with a viewing screen, and a Teflon shell protects the bowl. An electronic display with temperature adjustment is provided.

– one of the few devices for kitchen at an affordable price;
– convenient management;
– nice accessory kit.

– not very accurate thermometer;
– uncomfortable bowl design and mains cord mount for cleaning.


The best slow cooker in 2021 predictably becomes the model of the company Redmond. Its owners set aside the largest number of positive reviews, especially emphasizing ease of control and a friendly display interface. The machine is designed for a power consumption of 860 W and heats the bowl by 5 liters. The inner walls of the container are covered with a ceramic non-stick coating of the Daikin brand and equipped with non-heated handles. A removable inner cover is provided, which can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Convenient touch display with a list of 11 programs, which is considered optimal. The non-standard options included programs for yogurt, pilaf, deep-fried bread, and baking. The set includes 2 spoons of different sizes, a measuring cup, and a steamed cooking basket.

Important! The highlight of the equipment was the deep fryer in the form of a grid with high sides. A special holder is attached to it to not come into direct contact with hot oil.

There is a roomy condensate container on the back of the case, which is freely removed and easy to clean. On the outside of the case, a special spoon bracket is equipped closer to the base. This part is very convenient during cooking, when the contents need to be mixed several times and keep the “working” spoon at hand, without wrapping the table’s surface.

– convenient handle for carrying;
– volumetric condensate collection tank;
– folding springs on the main lid made of quality steel;
– delayed start, timer (24 h), Multi cook, warming up;
– handles on the bowl with ceramic coating;
– functions of yogurt, baking, fryer;
– book for 120 recipes.

– power supply cord short;
– the steamed basket has large holes;
– the deep fryer holder is heated.

Our list of recommendations included various options for kitchen assistants that will help both a professional and a beginner.