Passing your final exams at university is much more than just walking on a stage. It’s an event that merits many formalities and exuberance. Regardless of what event you organize for your not-so-little one, we think the occasion can use some creativity to benefit from unique but straightforward graduate cupcakes. However, You don’t want to spend all of your pre-party time baking when there are so many elements of the graduation party to plan. Here are some suggestions for your graduate’s party featuring cupcakes up front and center without getting you stuck in the kitchen.

School pride

Together with a dress, the square graduation cap known as a mortarboard is one of the most recognized graduation symbols. You can quickly turn pre-prepared cupcakes into mortars instead of using ordinary store-made sweets. Everything you need to transform simple cakes into an appealing graduation present is a box of chocolates, hard candies, and some M & Ms. You can also choose candy in the color scheme of the graduate’s university for a convenient means of personalization. This easy trick is simply beautiful and requires no baking; first, unwrap your chocolate. Ghiradelli-squares work pretty well, but most baked chocolate bars can be reduced to the proper size place the chocolate bar on top of the pre-prepared cupcake using a few droplets of melted chocolate or caramel, if necessary, to fix it.

Cut the candy strips into thin sheets to serve as the hat’s tassels; attach one end of the tassel to the center of chocolate using caramel or nougat and top with an M&M as the buttons central. Voila-your Edible Mortarboard is completed!

If you do not think you’ll have enough time to bake the mortars, or if you want to avoid the kitchen altogether, you can concentrate on producing paper decorations that will make your cupcakes stand out. Visit Etsy to collect ideas about wrappings, toothpicks, and other decorations you can purchase by buying them from Etsy-creators or making them yourself using printed forms.

You can personally design some edible arrangements if you do not want to spend much money. Just have a look at what is available on Etsy and choose something printed out of sugar that fits your graduation theme or color scheme.

Parting gifts for guests

You do not want the cupcakes to stand out more than the other items around them? Place the cupcakes inside gift bags and hand these off to your guests attending the children’s garden party as parting gifts.

Gifting cupcakes in a gift basket can help you strengthen and cultivate relationships with the attendants.