Some wedding-planning tasks may not be fun, but determining your favorite flavor of cake and at times finding a new tasty cake that is the perfect cake for it is certainly one of the more enjoyable tasks on the list.
They’re all so delectable, it’s difficult to choose just one. In order to make sure you have everything, you need for the big day, be prepared ahead of time by bringing in your to-do list and question list from the baker.

Here are our Top Tips for Wedding Cake Tastings below

1. Set a Budget

Prior to entering a bakery for a wedding cake tasting, set a budget that prevents going beyond it and have the baker ensure you try certain cakes that fall into that budget.
Keep track of the bakery’s exact spending limit, and stay within that amount of time needed for making a special cake; the baker may need more or less depending on changes.
Think also about a complimentary cake for additional guests.

2. Research & find pictures of cakes for inspiration

When it comes to evaluating cakes, you should have an idea about what type of cupcakes you’re after (wedding-cake), as well as the flavor of icing and the names of decorations.
Wanting Flowers or Wedding Colors Incorporated Into Your Cake-What Flavors Are You Gravitating To
Want any type of filling in the cake? Want Sugar Flowers?
How many people are going to attend the wedding? Be very precise on how you want the wedding cake to appear.
A good starting point for inspiration is Pinterest, be sure to bring in color swatches if you have any
Thousands of wedding cakes exist, another important tip is to ensure that your partner is on the same wavelength as you when it comes to what you want for your wedding day-cake.

3. Note any food allergies before your cake tasting

It is important to verify, whether one of your wedding guests has any food allergies. Take note of this and carry this list with you during your wedding cake taste.

At the Tasting Appointment

It is now time for fun! Your cake taste-making session
This list is intended to provide you with guidance during your cake taste experience.

1. Don’t taste on an empty stomach

Chances are if you’re hungry, everything that tastes good is probably wonderful. Before your test eats a small snack or a light meal.

2. Try all the cake elements separately

Bakeries usually allow you to taste each element of the cake individually so that you can get an accurate feeling for the flavorings. You can also request this if the bakery does not offer individual elements.
Test the icing, the cake itself, and any add-ons like filling, all by themselves. Ask your baker when you can try all these ingredients together to make sure you’re getting the cake you really want.

3. Cleanse your palate between tastings

Your tongue can become oversaturated with all of the deliciousness of the cake, have sip drinks of water in between bites to clear up your palate and make sure you’re really tasting the cakes.

4. Timit your testing appointment

The couple should not come to the meeting with an entourage, truly the only people who need to attend the cake tasting are yourself and your future husband.
Having too many people at your taste can both be overwhelming and confusing for you as well as the bakery. Many opinions can leave you feeling muddled.
If it is their wedding and they are making the choice, it must make sense for them to do so.

5. Don’t do more than one tasting a day

One excellent way of making oneself ill and being cake overloaded is scheduling multiple cake taste-baths in one day. Book one appointment per day so that you’re not overexposing yourself to sweets.

6. Take detailed notes

Note carefully what the Baker tells you about his Cakes; you’ll want to know things such as how he’ll transport the Cake to the Wedding Venue, how many People the Cake Will Feed, and His Baking Process.
The cake-tasting day may become stressful, therefore it is necessary to take careful notes, which will help you to recall all the events that took place.
The taste test of cakes can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of organizing your wedding, but it can also be extremely daunting. Using the tips above to plan ahead for your cake tasting will make things go more smoothly.
It helps remove the stress from the day and focus you on what you want, check out sunflower for all your wedding-cake needs.