You’re probably thinking, what is this blog post about? Well, cupcake boxes are a huge part of the baking world which means they should be a big consideration when you are planning to bake. These boxes help ensure that your cupcakes don’t get smashed in transit and can also make for some really cute packaging. There are so many types of box styles out there but one thing has remained constant: quality packaging makes tasty desserts taste extra delicious! This list will tell you all about the best places to buy these little helpers so you can start baking!

Pralb 50Pack White Paper Cupcake Boxes

Who doesn’t love some yummy baked goods? We know we do. And now, you can store all your freshly baked goodies in a style that’s sure to make them the talk of any party! Say good-bye to soggy bottomed muffins or messy cupcakes by treating them first with this fantastic 2-tiered paper cake box made especially for sweets. With a window and two tiers, you can choose which items will go on top and bottom based on position preference while keeping your treats far away from anything remotely dirty like flour splatter. Plus, we’re packing each box full of 50 so there should be plenty to go around whether it’s a tasty wedding treat for family friends or just an after school snack for little ones making

Slamming cupcakes into our mouths is one way of enjoying them. But, there are times where delicately nibbling off the top of your dessert while licking the frosting from a perfectly smooth topping might be better suited for the occasion! A delicate touch can be achieved with our PVC window cupcake box that also has two treat holders so you can bring along tantalizing delights for dessert without having to worry about who will get left out in the sun!

Moretoes Cupcake Boxes 20 Packs

Imagine how adorable your guests will look carrying these little boxes. It’s kind of like a bakery on the go.

These cupcake boxes are perfect for commercial or non-commercial use. You no longer have to worry about how to package homemade cupcakes or other baked goods. With our easy to assemble, beautifully designed Moretoes Cupcake Boxes 20 Packs, you’ll always have neat packaging when removing your scrumptious desserts. Don’t limit these box’s purpose just to sweets – these versatile boxes could also work as gift wrap!

Cupcake Boxes with 12 Hole Inserts

Cupcake carrier box at its best. With 12 easy-to-remove and super strong inserts, perfect for delicate cupcakes like vanilla or red velvet. To take full advantage of this cupcake box’s space-saving design, try putting one dozen large cookies on the bottom layer with a medium-sized cake on top. The result is deliciously convenient – ready to go and just as tasty!

12-count hole cupcake boxes are perfect for a batch of delicious, fluffy desserts. This cooling solution has room for 12 frosted, fudgy little treats and is so easy to pack up! Use the box as storage during the day and be eco-friendly at night. Polypropylene makes these scrumptious cards shatterproof with minimal material use. Bake a lot? No need to worry about your precious art skills! Simply fill the treat holders with your freshly baked goodies and sprinkle some icing sugar on top before loading them into their convenient carrier

Kraft Individual Cupcake Containers Holders Boxes with Window and Inserts for Bakery Wrapping Packaging

Once you’re done making your masterpieces, carefully place them into these chic Kraft boxes to showcase all of the beautifully decorated yummies. 60 inserts make for easy storage while secure handles allow for convenient transport. This box features clear windows so you can show off all of your assorted cupcakes and goodies with clean crisp edges – since a good presentation should be just as important!

Tape a cute, irresistible chocolate chip cookie inside the container and hold hands out to your partner on Valentine’s Day. Your gift of delight has finally arrived!

Kraft Paper Christmas Cookie Boxes for Packaging

Let’s bake some delicious, wholesome treats for the holidays! You will find 10 Kraft Paper Christmas Cookie Boxes with Window a great fit when it comes time to package these tasty confections. There is also a window that lets you see what cookies are inside at all times and glue is applied so nothing falls out. Banish those feelings of stress this season with no worries about getting your cookies from Point A to Point B.

Those other paper boxes at the store are SO last century. Brown Kraft Paper Christmas Cookie Boxes offer an earth-friendly & cost-effective way to decorate in a festive manner! The best part is, your pies and cookies can be safely stored inside their sturdy wrappers for up to six months! Why risk ruining the beautiful presentation you created just moments before with some puny little cardboard box?

Product description: When it comes time to prepare for family gatherings or parties, don’t settle for anything but our brown Kraft paper Christmas cookie box packaging. These generously sized packages hold all of your delicious goodies with ease by providing ventilation on four sides and elastic closures (and we ALL know how important those are!). They’re large enough that not even

Moretoes 60pcs Brown Single Cupcake Carriers

We hear the coffee is a selling item these days so we made these little guys for you to take your tasty treats on the go! Do more with Moretoes.

Moretoes cupcake carriers are the perfect packaging for your sweet creations. They’re eco-friendly, recyclable, and absolutely adorable. The thick cardboard material will keep any cake or muffin that you choose safe and sound inside these beautiful brown covers with clear windows to showcase their contents on the front. There’s no need to fight when it comes time to take out a delicious treat as Moretoes cups have 60 inserts that’ll make every choice easy peasy! If you want something fancy for your grandma then look no further than Moretoes as this is where elegance meets practicality.


When you are making a decision about which type of cupcake boxes to use, ask yourself what your main goal is. Do you want the most economical option? The best for transporting and stacking in an oven or fridge? Or do you just need something that will protect your delicious baked goods on their way from the kitchen to someone’s mouth? We hope this guide has helped answer some questions about cupcakes boxes so now it’s time to get baking!